The Eventing Association of Michigan

XC Schooling

Schooling Information

Below are the schooling rules and information needed to be able to school at each of the following TEAM sponsored locations.
Please read and follow directions carefully as each location has different requirements.
Notice: All locations REQUIRE all riders to wear the following safety equipment at all times when mounted.

  • Helmet with chin strap that is ASTM Certified

  • Medical Armband or Bracelet

  • Chest Protector

    Note: it is mandatory to have an unmounted individual accompany you if the rider is 18 and under. Most locations require an unmounted individual to accompany riders for safety at all times! Check with each location before schooling.


TEAM XC Schooling Locations

honey run water.jpg

Honey Run

  • Contact Eric at 734-662-4645 to schedule schooling

  • Must be a TEAM Member

  • Schooling Fee: $25 (Checks payable to TEAM)

  • Rules & Guidelines



  • Contact Darlyn Daratony at 734-476-6972 to schedule schooling

  • Complete a signed Release Form (If you have attended a show during the year, but have not schooled, you will still need to complete a form)

  • Schooling Fee: $35 (Checks payable to Cobblestone Farms)

  • Release Form

hunters run water

Hunters Run

  • Contact Sue at 810-441-6481 to schedule schooling

  • Professionals may bring students to school at any time during the season with proper insurance

  • Release forms must be filled out. Parent or Legal Guardian must sign if rider is a minor.

  • Hunter’s Run has designated “Schooling Days” throughout the season - If you would like to school during these dates, you must complete the Schooling Days Form and send it prior to schooling.

  • Schooling Fee: $35 (Checks payable to Sue Emmons)

  • Release Form



  • Contact Lucinda at 269-930-9808 to schedule schooling and for more information

cedar ridge.jpg

Cedar Ridge

  • Contact Carolyne Wheeler at 734-4768346 to schedule schooling and for more information

  • Release Form

chardon valley.jpg

Chardon valley

  • Contact Randy Pielemeier at 269-423-7570 to schedule schooling and for more information

  • Visit their Facebook Page for information about the barn