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Event Points


Explanation of TEAM Points

Below is a guide that explains how points for both TEAM Events & Derbies are awarded

  • Points for events and derbies count toward TEAM year-end awards, which are given out at the annual TEAM banquet.

  • Points for events and derbies are assigned based on placing and on the number of starters in the division, using the chart shown below.

  • For blended divisions such as Prelim-Training or Training-Novice, points are awarded at the level of the cross-country phase.

  • No points are given in a division with only 1 or 2 starters.

  • No points are awarded to professional riders at Starter or Beginner Novice levels.

  • To receive points, the rider must be a member of TEAM at the start of the competition, and the horse must be registered with TEAM.

  • Points at Starter, Beginner Novice, Novice, and Training are only awarded for events and derbies within Michigan.

  • At Prelim level and higher, riders who compete and place in USEA events outside of Michigan should contact the TEAM point-keeper with their information (Rider name, horse name, event, division, placing) which will be verified from scores posted on the USEA website.

Points Chart:

points chart 1.png

2019 TEAM Overall Points

If you are a Prelim rider and have competed out of state, please also use the form below to inform our Point-Keeper,
as you can receive an award at year end as well (but you have to let us know).
If you have any questions regarding points for the year, please contact the TEAM Point-Keeper at

If this is the first year that you have competed (and completed) in an event at a new higher level and have earned points at that level,
please email the TEAM pointkeeper ( with your name, horse, and level.

We have awards at each level for the high point rider in their first year at a given level.
Please note: this has to be the rider’s first year at that level, not the horse.

Previous Years Points

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