• Become a Member of TEAM - It's Easy
  • Step 1

    All you need to do is to fill out all of the following forms:
    Membership Application Form
    Horse Membership Form
    TEAM Activity Release Form
    Honey Run Release Form*

    *note: all parent signatures for
     anyone under 18, MUST be notarized.

  • Membership Dues

    TEAM Membership 2018

    Annual fees for 2018


    Includes: member rates for web advertising, TEAM voting rights, no non-member fee at TEAM events, eligibility for ‘rider’ points (on TEAM registered horses) toward year-end awards, and access to schooling at Honey Run Easement.

  • Things to Know
  • Step 2

    Enclose a check for membership dues and completed forms to the TEAM Membership Coordinator

    Make sure to get all this done before the competition season begins, because points towards yeard end awards will not accumulate until the Membership Coordinator has and recorded all documents and fees.

    Make Checks Payable to: TEAM

    Mail Applications to:
    TEAM Membership Coordinator
    Sue Aeck
    3105 Hodges Rd.
    Dryden, MI 48428

    Now your ready to join us at the Start Box...

  • -FAMILY MEMBERSHIP RATE $10 each additional member

    NOTE: To qualify, one family member must have an individual RIDER membership; that member’s listed address must be the permanent address of the additional family member(s). Includes: same rights as RIDER MEMBERSHIP.

    -SUPPORTING (non-riding) MEMBERSHIP $10

    Includes: member rates for web advertising, TEAM voting rights, eligibility for ‘horse’ points as an owner for year-end awards. May be upgraded to RIDER membership for $20 PRIOR TO schooling at Honey Run or competition in TEAM events.

    -HORSE REGISTRATION: $10 each horse

    NOTE: The horse must be registered by a current RIDER, FAMILY, or SUPPORTING TEAM MEMBER. Includes: eligibility for rider(s) to receive ‘rider’ points toward year-end awards, eligibility for ‘horse’ points for year-end awards (’horse’ award presented to registering member).


    This fee is for our members who are Professional's and would like to be listed in the TEAM Professional Directory.  This is not a mandatory fee, but if you would like some good exposure to our members, this is an easy way to get that done.

  • - Access to the Honey Run Easement and accumulation of points towards year-end awards does not begin until all paperwork is recorded and all fees have been paid to the Membership Coordinator

    - Eligibility for year end awards requires:
      1. Current TEAM RIDER membership for competitor, AND
      2. Current TEAM REGISTRATION for the horse

    - Membership MUST be updated prior to the competition where points would be accrued.
      Points CANNOT be counted for non-members, or those whose membership has lapsed. 

  • Questions regarding to Membership? Use the form below

  • Membership Contact Form