• TEAMware Competition

    Here's your chance to get CREATIVE ! We have extended the deadline to September 30th, for the TEAM, TEAMwear T-shirt Competition !!!!! Let your creative juices flow and create an award-winning design for a TEAMwear T-shirt, that will be highlighted in the 2018 TEAMwear line of apparel.

    There is only ONE rule: You must include the word, TEAM within your design. Sooooooo, what are you waiting for ?!?!?!
    Get creating ! We can't wait to see what you come up with !

    Please email your designs to: thompson.ciaran@gmail.com
    or, you can drop off your designs to Cobblestone Farms, Attention Please, Ciaran Thompson,in the Cobblestone Mailbox by the office door .

    The winner will be announced at the TEAM Banquet in November, AND, the winner will get a FREE T-shirt with his/her design on it !!!!