• Advertise with TEAM
  • Advertising with TEAM is a great way to help support the sport of Eventing, and allows us to promote and continue to grow eventing here in Michigan.  We could not do it without support from our generous sponsors.
    If you would like to advertise with TEAM, we offer several ways for you to advertise with us, which are:

    Website Advertising

    - we offer business card ads, banner ads, and half page ads which will appear on various pages.
    - we offer a directory professionals page, if you would just like to list your business.


    Another way you can advertise with TEAM is to sponsor a TEAM-Ware design for our clothing that we sell throughout the year.  Any company that sponsors the design will also get their logo or name printed on the clothing.

    Year-End Banquets

    Every year we are looking for generous sponsors for donations and gifts to auction off to help support our organization, we promote and also list all of our sponsors who donate to the banquet on our website as well.

    To view our rates, and for more information, please click on the view our rates link